12 nov. 2010

Car Window Tint

In this simple Photoshop tutorial i will teach you how to make your car look better by tinting it's window. For this tutorial we need a picture with a car. I will use the car from this tutorial.Ok now we need to select the area we want to tint. For this , we will use the Pen Tool(P) or the magnetic Lasoo Tool(L) . Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) and select the areas you want to tint. Now dry the selected party in black.
Now it's easy. Set the layer mode to "Overlay" , then duplicate the layer (Layer-Duplicate Layer) and for the duplicated layer set the opacity to 70%.
The image is ready. If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends by clicking on the links below.For any questions just post here a comment.

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