13 iul. 2010

Muscle Car Burnout

In this Photoshop Tutorial i will show you how to make your car burnout a little bit :) To begin we need a picture with a car , and we need to open it with Adobe Photoshop. For this tutorial i choose this car:Now for the burnout to be burnout we need to make the weal look like it's spinning. With the Magnetic Lasso Tool (L) or the Pen Tool (P) select the back weal like in the image below :For the spinning effect we will use Filter--Blur--Radial Blur with a amount of 25 , spin , and good . The car should look now like this :Now we have to add the smoke for the burnout to look real . We will use this smoke brush pack . Download and install the brush pack and add some white brushes on a new layer (Shift+ctrl+N) like in the image below :
Now will come the beautiful part. We will make the smoke to look like it's coming from the tire. For this we will make a rectangular selection in the bottom part of the smoke because we want to shape the smoke to fit with the tire.After the selection is made , press Ctrl+T then right click on the area and click Warp then shape it until you get something like this:Now make again a selection on the bottom of the smoke and from Filter-Distort-Twirl add a twirl of 150 .The hit again Ctrl+T , right click on the area and click Warp then shape the twirled smoke to fit with the weal.The burnout is ready:D I hope this tutorial will help you . If you have any questions just post here . And don't forget to Follow.

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Johnny spunea...

yeah - not so much ! and where is the driver ??? the smoke above the car is good but at the wheel needs a lot of work.

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