27 aug. 2010

Color Change

In this simple tutorial I will show you how to modify the colors in a picture . First we need a picture . For this tutorial I choose a picture with a dress . Open the picture with Adobe Photoshop .OK now we got the picture . I will change the color of the dress . We need to select the area with the color we want to change . For this we will use the Pen Tool(P). Just select the area like in the picture below:After you finish with the Pen Tool right click inside the area and click on Make Selection . Your image should look like this:Now we are almost ready . Hit Ctrl+U , click on colorize and play around with the Hue , Saturation and Lightness . I used those settings:
Now the color change is finished:D I hope this tutorial will help you . If you have any question just post it here.

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