6 iul. 2010

Fire Meteor

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a realistic meteor covered in fire . First we need to create a new Photoshop document with black background . Search on google for a nice texture for the meteor . I used this picture :Now open the picture with Photoshop and with Elliptical Marque Tool select a round shape and paste it on the black background .Rename the layer with this shape to Meteor . Now your image should look like this:Next we have to make this shape to look like a sphere . For this go to Select--Load select then use Filter--Distort--Spherize with 100% then do do the Spherize filter again with 50%. Now the image look like a cracked planet.
We must make the meteor look realistic so we will add fire. I used this picture to add the flames :Open the picture with the flames , with rectangular marque tool select one flame and copy it. Create a new document , paste the flame and select just the fire ( go to Select-Color range , click on the black color then press Shift-Ctrl-I and copy the selected area).Paste the fire on your meteor document then from Edit-Transform-Rotate rotate it and from Edit-Transform-Scale make it bigger or smaller to fit with your meteor. Rename the layer to Fire1.The meteor doesn't look good just with one flame . Just repeat the step with the fire and add some more flames . I added 3 flames on separate payers and I obtained something like this:
I attached here my layers :The flames doesn't look so good now but we can fix it . Put the Meteor layer above the fire layers and put the fire layers on Lighten Mode. The image will look like this:The image is almost ready. We must make the meteor to be covered in fire . Duplicate the meteor layer and name the copy of the meteor layer to Meteor2 . On Meteor2 put the layer mode to Hard Light and on Meteor put the layer mode to Overlay.The meteor is ready now :For a more spectacular look , we can add this meteor on a nicer background . For this we need a background( search for a background on google ) and we need to put the meteor on it . Merge all the layers down , go to Select-Color Range and click on the black color . Then go to Select-Inverse(Shift-Ctrl-I) and copy(Ctrl+C) . Then open the background and just paste the meteor . The final result is amazing . I hope this tutorial will help you and if you have any questions just post here .

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