11 mai 2010

Realistic Graffiti

For this picture to be realistic we need a realistic graffiti wall . So let's find one . I found this background on Google .First you need to select a font to write your text . I found a list of graffiti fonts here . After you installed the font just write the text on the background in Adobe Photoshop . Your image should look like this :
Now add some colors. Create a new layer ( Shift + Ctrl + N) , move the new layer below the layer where you wrote the text , create a rectangular shape with Rectangular Marque Tool ( M ) and add a gradient like in the image below .
Now your image should look like this :On the layer where you added the gradient , pick the Eraser Tool ( E ) and delete the parts from the gradient which you don't want in the image. The image will look like this :
If you don't like how the text look like , go back on the layer with the text and add some effects . I added from Blending Options ( Right click on the layer - Blending Options ) Drop Shadow and Gradient Overlay . I added some photos with the options i used :
For the graffiti to look realistic , set the Layer mode to Hard Light . Your image should look like this :I think the image is a little bit "empty" so i added something . I fount on Google this picture :

It's simple to add this picture to the graffiti . I opened the picture using Photoshop , from Select-Color Range i selected the white color , then i selected the opposite of the white color with Select-Inverse or Shift+Ctrl+I . Copy the selected area (Ctrl+C) then Paste it on the graffiti (Ctrl+V). Set the layer mode to overlay and the image is ready :D
I hope this tutorial will help you . If you have any question just post it below .

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erchonem spunea...

Superb! I'm usually downloading fonts from websites like www.fontineed.com because i'm not that good at "creating my own fonts" but your tutorial will definitely prove very helpful. Thank you!

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