10 dec. 2010

3D Ice Blocks Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial Easy-Psd will show you how to create abstract ice blocks background . For the start we need a big rectangular document ( I used like 1200x1200).
We need this big because in the end we will use just 1/4 of the original size. Press "D" to put the foreground color to black and the background color to white. Now just apply Filter-Render-Clouds.The image got some very dark areas so we will modify the levels . Press Ctrl+L and apply the settings like in the image below:
Now will come the nice part. With just a few clicks we will obtain an amazing effect. Go to Filter-Stylize-Extrude and select "Blocks" with 40 pixel size and 40 Depth. You will get something like this:
For the Ice Blocks to look more real we need to change the color. For this we will press Ctrl+U and we will play around with the options until we get a light blue color.
Now hit Ctrl+F to apply the last filter again and you will get an abstract ice block image. I think the image look good but for a better visual effect I decided to cut of a half of the image because of the extrude filter. After cutting out 1/4 of the image i got something like this:
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Muito show, parabéns.
Utilizarei e colocarei no meu blog.

Binky spunea...

This is a lovely effect.

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Thanks !

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